The high number of medical malpractice lawsuits in Brazil is worryingEntertainment 

The high number of medical malpractice lawsuits in Brazil is worrying

Every day, the Brazilian justice system receives about 100 lawsuits against health professionals for procedural failures.

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Brazil is second only to the United States in the number of medical malpractice lawsuits

Every day, the Brazilian justice system accepts about 100 cases of medical malpractice. This number places the country second in the world ranking of lawsuits against health professionals, behind only the United States. According to data from World Health Organization (WHO), every minute five people around the world die from a medical error, in Brazil the number is six people every hour. However, characterizing a medical error is not an easy process, the fact that an aesthetic procedure, for example, did not turn out exactly as the patient wanted, may not be considered a mistake. The line is fine and each case must be analyzed individually. Lawyer Lucas Braga gives advice on how to be safe: “Always ask for another opinion, another hospital, another clinic. Keep all the documentation, all the reports and exams that are done, keep everything. The first focus is health, the second is the search for another opinion and the third is taking care of the documentation”.

A year ago, event producer Juliana Nespatti, consulted by News of New Pan, underwent an operation to insert a silicone prosthesis and, when he felt a lot of pain, he realized that his stitches were open and pus. The doctor gave her an antibiotic and did new procedures, but the patient felt helpless because, according to her, the specialist did not explain exactly what had gone wrong and what behaviors she was taking. “After three days with my chest leaking and open, I went to him and broke down myself: “Doctor, this is seroma”. He didn’t say yes or no, he was silent. But my chest started to hurt a lot,” said the producer.

Juliana often went to the office to redo the stitches, but nothing helped, until the doctor pointed out the need for a new procedure: “He told me that the operation was to perform a drainage, a cleaning of my chest. There was drainage, but he removed my silicone prosthesis and the problem still hasn’t stopped. It continued to open the stitches, it started to create wounds”. While consulting with another specialist, the producer of the event discovered that she had a bacteria that, according to the victim, was contracted due to the lack of hygiene of the materials used in the implant. As a result, she filed a lawsuit against the doctor who performed the procedure.

Gynecologist Naira Scartezzini estimates that the high number of notifications of medical errors is not necessarily related to the lack of qualification. “The increase in the notification of possible medical errors is very rich, so that we as a medical council can evaluate how to improve the conditions in which the doctor works and also the patients who have doubts about whether the procedure was good. carried out, there may be even more information”, he assesses. The doctor also emphasizes the importance of an open and clear dialogue with the patient and that the law provides for this.

*With information from reporter Camila Yunes

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