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The House held a 1-minute session to expedite the PEC kamikaze

Photo: Michel Jesus/Chamber of Deputies

The Chamber of Deputies held a one-minute plenary session this Thursday (7) to speed up the PEC kamikaze vote.

This is the proposal that creates and expands several social programs in the run-up to the elections, in a controversial move in the face of electoral legislation, and with an estimated fiscal impact of 42 billion rials.

Plenary sessions serve to calculate the deadline for the special commission analyzing the topic, speeding up the process.

This Thursday’s lightning session was chaired by Congressman Lincoln Portela (PL) and only 65 deputies participated.

In addition to the one-minute session, in order to speed up the PEC process, the House adopted other measures, for example, it attached it to the PEC on biofuels, which has already passed to the Constitution and Justice Committee. (CCJ).

The PEC has already been approved by the Senate and is now being reviewed by the House of Representatives. To be approved, the text needs the support of at least three fifths (308 out of 513 deputies) in two rounds of voting.

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