The Huawei P60 hasn’t debuted yet, but it’s already impressive

Huawei smartphones, especially the flagships, are no longer eagerly awaited like before. We all know very well why that is. However, the manufacturer is not discouraged by the declining demand, but constantly raises the bar. And really high.

When will the premiere of the Huawei P60?

A few days ago there were absurd reports, duplicated by many industry portals, that the Chinese giant will present the Huawei P60 series at MWC 2023. They ended yesterday and nothing of the sort happened. We are not at all surprised, because the manufacturer would certainly not do it without warning – and so far has not officially announced the new generation of flagships from the P line. It is not Huawei nova 10 Youth Edition that can be “pushed” on the market just like that, just .

However, this does not change the fact that the Chinese are really working on the Huawei P60 family and will soon introduce it – probably first in China, and then in other markets, as was the case with the previous generations of flagships from the P and Mate lines. Most people probably aren’t looking forward to it, but we are and I’m sure there will be many more interested. Especially after what just surfaced online.

The capabilities of the Huawei P60 are impressive even before the official premiere

He Gang, head of consumer smart devices and chief operating officer, shared sample photos on his account on the Chinese social network Weibo, which he signs The new phone takes great pictures. Although his name was not mentioned, given that He Gang works for the Chinese giant and a new generation of flagships is on the horizon, there were suspicions that the photos were taken with the Huawei P60 series model.

Which one exactly? Certainly not the Huawei P60 – maybe the P60 Pro or P60 Pro + or P60 Ultra, because it is rumored that the top model of the family may get the “Ultra” add-on that has recently gained popularity (even Apple will launch an iPhone in the Ultra market).

Nothing, the most important thing is that we almost saw a display of the capabilities of the new flagship of the Chinese giant, which are very impressive. Although the photos are compressed, the quality is really great because they have (almost) perfect texture, although we are dealing with a very high approximation here. The moon also looks brilliant.

Huawei has repeatedly proven that it masters mobile photography like no other and now – despite the “divorce” with Leica (which she had swung with Xiaomi) – will raise the bar even higher. It is possible that even the lack of GMS will not discourage photography lovers from buying the Huawei P60 if it takes such pictures (especially since you will find more and more popular applications in Poland in the AppGallery).

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