“The idea of ​​nuclear energy is not pursued in Germany”.

During the current energy crisis, voices regarding the continued operation of nuclear power plants by the NPP are increasing. The Greens are still against it. Chancellor Olaf Scholz intervened now.

Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock (Bündnis 90/Die Grünen) receives Chancellor Olaf Scholz (SPD) at the Petersberg Climate Dialogue at the Federal Foreign Office. © photo alliance/dpa

In the debate on overcoming the energy crisis in Germany, Chancellor Olaf Scholz spoke clearly against the long-term use of the last nuclear power plants. “Some people still have the idea of ​​nuclear energy. It is not pursued in Germany,” the SPD politician said Monday at the Petersberg climate dialogue in Berlin.

Votes for the remaining three reactors to continue operating have increased recently, notably from the Union and the FDP. Greens leader Ricarda Lange continued to emphasize her rejection on the ARD “Ann Will” program on Sunday evening. However, he pointed out that in the current crisis, the federal government “must always respond to the current situation” and “will examine all measures.”

According to Scholtz, one of the main requirements for being able to operate without fossil fuels is to produce “large amounts of electricity”. He added: “C02 neutral” ie mainly from renewable sources”.

Scholz warns of a “fossil energy renaissance.”

The chancellor also warned of a “global renaissance of fossil fuels” as a result of the gas crisis caused by the war in Ukraine. “No one can be happy that the proportion of coal-based energy production here is increasing again,” the SPD politician said at the Petersberg climate dialogue in Berlin on Monday. “It is most important that we say one thing very clearly. this is a time-limited emergency measure that will not come at the expense of our climate goals.”

During the St. Petersburg climate dialogue, ministers and representatives of about 40 countries want to reach an agreement on the future course of the fight against climate change. Germany and Egypt are the organizers of the conference, which is also scheduled to take place at the beginning of November in the coastal city of Sharm El Sheikh, the COP 27 world climate conference.

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