the infanta Sofia and her sparkling dress

Last October 12, Infanta Sophia he participated without his sister in the acts on the occasion of the National Fiesta. Unembargoed, in Oviedo, Benjamin of the family was accompanied by Princess Leonor during the delivery of Awards Princess of Asturias at the Campoamor Theater. Also together, they helped this morning to several Audience with this year’s award winners at the Hotel de la Reconquista and aer for the night we could see them in el traditional previous concert, where they enjoyed a flamenco show. The events in them, which each time fall more and more clearly sus different tastes in fashion matters, even, precisely, follow the coordination of your image as a symbol of your complexity.


Leonor innovates with a sequin dress and feather pendants by Reina

-La Reina, great with a two-tone dress with floral details that I had before Sassa de Osma

Dress with sequins

for their delivery Princess of Asturias Awards 2022the infanta Sofia has decided to lucir un dress with waist detail, a trend he particularly likes. On this occasion we see him in one pattern with blue sequins from El Corte Inglés, with cuello a la caja, French sleeve and ligero skirt to measure the muscles (the original design is wide to los pies -320 euros- so it is customized). Al decanter for this style, distance yourself from the ballerina look that they defined their image in the last of the previous years. Now, however you wear shoes, no lleva bailarinas ni merceditas, a bell that has restored salones de ante azul from Lodi (€119) which launched this morning and which suggested a major novelty in their style, could be accompanied by taco midi of 7.5 centimeters.



Your high end mini braid back collection

Something that also specifically draws attention to your image is suggested. La hija minor de los reyes de España is decanted by a high collection muy dosmilera that dejaba dos mechones sueltos resorted to his face. However, there was a very original detail in its cover, which was also visible from the back very thin braid.



Your previous looks at the Princess of Asturias Awards

Like her sister, little Sofia made her debut at the Princess of Asturias Awards in 2019. For the occasion, the minor of the Kings of Spain was crowned in a dress with a classic A-line silhouette and made in tweed white and beige, which was performed with embroidery on shine and leaflet details in el cuello y los puños. Like wearing shoes, he lució some dancers in plated tone from Beautiful Ballerinas (129 euros).


For the next few years, Benjamina of the family preferred to define her image with an aesthetic appearance of a ballerina. So, in 2020, we managed to see it in a tul plumetti bodysuit in a light green tone, which was coordinated with an evasé lined skirt and a fajín al tone that stood out in a favorable way, while having a slightly darker tone in the same range. As a shoe, I bet on the dancer models Rosary in ante verde from Beautiful Ballerinas. In 2021he would wear a black embroidered top that had belonged to his mother and which contrasted with a pink tulle empolvado with Chinese crepe silk detailing at the waist, from Psophía Spring/Summer 2021 Collection (259 euros). He culminated his style with his black Mercedes with Calados by Carolina Herrera.

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