The intriguing game from the creators of Limbo and Inside has a release date

Studio Jumpship og & lstrok; with & lstrok; o, & zdot; e intriguing & aogon; ca & sacute; & cacute; science fiction – Somerville – uka & zdot; e si & eogon; November 15th, for PC, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S, Game Pass is now available.

The play tells about the problems of a family that has to deal with & cacute; in the futuristic & sacute; to the world, after the great disaster, which launched the invasion & aogon; strangers. Time will test & cacute; rich and sweet; the world, as well as the consequences of the great conflict, Trying & aogon; Trying & eogon; will reunite & cacute; families & eogon; “ – we read in the description.

Jumpship is a studio developed by animator Chris Olsen. More importantly, the executive producer is Dino Patti, who worked with Playdead, who produced Limbo and Inside. Both of these titles focus on dark atmosphere, logic puzzles, and side-view camera projection. All these items are visible & aogon; in & lstrok; and & sacute; no yes & zdot; ew Somerville.

The new game will also use a similar narrative – without dialogue, but using the environment, animation and atmosphere itself.

Somerville was first mentioned in 2017. The game & lstrok; and you & eogon; at the E3 2001 fair, at the Microsoft conference – what & eogon; target platforms. Now – five years later – it is clearly more ready for release.

Why did Patti leave & lstrok; with Playdead, with which I prepared & lstrok; & sacute; great Limbo and Inside? We don’t know that, but in 2017 we explained & lstrok; in an interview with Eurogamer that he “still talks to 98 percent of the people” at this studio, suggesting that & sacute; serious conflict.

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