The iPad Pro records ProRes video, but there’s one major problem

YouTubers, as well as other more professional videographers, may be in for a nasty surprise when they launch the iPad Pro’s camera app. It turns out that it is missing an important function.

The new iPad Pro – a good thing for those who work with video

In the middle of this month, Apple introduced a new generation of its top tablets. At first glance, they do not bring any changes – this is due to the fact that the design remains the same as its predecessors. However, this does not mean that there were many interesting new products on board.

The heart is the new and even more powerful Apple M2 processor. On the other hand people involved in recording movies, as well as their post-processing, received support for video recording in the ProRes format. The decision is unlikely to interest ordinary users, but for professionals it should significantly increase the appeal of the new iPad Pro. Well, ProRes video contains much more detail, which in turn provides significantly more opportunity in post-production.

It should be added that the mentioned format is also available in iPhone 13 Proas well as in models from the line 14 Pro.

The new iPad Pro is great equipment for video editing, but not necessarily for recording in the ProRes format (photo: Apple)

Unfortunately, an additional application will be required

There’s no shortage of people blaming the native camera app, available on both iPhone and iPad, for having a fairly low number of features. Some point out that it will work well for everyday photo taking or video recording, but if we want to get more out of the camera’s capabilities, it is necessary to reach for third-party applications.

It turns out that on the new iPad Pro, the native app is so bad that it doesn’t provide an option to switch to ProRes video mode. Interestingly, this feature is available on the iPhone.

Of course, that doesn’t mean ProRes isn’t available at all. However, it requires downloading a third-party app that supports it – for example, FiLMiC Pro.

It’s possible that the native camera app will gain support over time, but the fact that Apple says in the specs that the new iPad Pro enables ProRes video recording is a little weak. Therefore, users who launch the main application may be unpleasantly surprised at first, or even think that the function is not available at all, despite the assurances of the Cupertino company.

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