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The Jets will meet Aaron Rodgers in person

January 1, 2023; Green Bay, Wisconsin, USA; Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers (12) threw a pass during the first quarter against the Minnesota Vikings at Lambeau Field. Mandatory credit: Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

The Aaron Rodgers watch continues on the New York Jets as they make their pursuit of the first ballot for future co-stars more earnest.

The most recent reporting came from ESPN’s Rob Dimowski. He shared that “a group of Jets officials are scheduled to fly in today to meet in person with Aaron Rodgers.” Sure, it’s a very big step.

This latest inside scoop from Dimowski follows a report he made this morning stating that dialogue between both Rodgers and the Jets is set to continue again today. Now, the Jets are taking it further by flying to California to meet with him.

The Jets need to get this Aaron Rodgers deal done soon:

The Jets flying in to see Rodgers certainly show a level of commitment to getting a deal done. And for planes, the faster the better.

As for who specifically the planes are flying to meet with Rodgers, ESPN’s Dan Graziano mentioned that Woody Johnson, Joe Douglas, Robert Salih, and Nathaniel Hackett, among others, are all set to visit. One has to assume that this is where the Jets’ hiring of Hackett could seriously work in their favour.

Overall, this is an excellent opportunity for the Jets to sell themselves to Rodgers. Aside from showing their strong interest, they can now sell it to their talented team who are now poised to win. Hopefully the meeting between the Jets and Rodgers will go well and speed up the process.

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