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The Knicks reportedly want to send Derrick Rose to the perfect position

December 16, 2022; Chicago, Illinois, USA; New York Knicks guard Derrick Rose (4) acknowledges the crowd during the second half against the Chicago Bulls at the United Center. Mandatory credit: Matt Marton-USA TODAY Sports

New York Knicks guard Derrick Rose has been out of rotation for more than a month and with trade rumors surrounding his name, Mark Stein is now reporting that the Knicks want Rose to be “worked right” and send the 2011 MVP to one of the perfect positions for him. .

New York is open to… trading for… Derrick Rose but only if it can, as one insider puts it, “do it right.”

Mark Stein on Derrick Rose

The best way to explain the ideal situation for Rose is for a team that allows him to have some game time. Teams lacking veteran presence or depth will suffice.

One team, in particular, to watch is the Lakers. LeBron James has kept this team close to the playing area while Anthony Davis is out with an injury, and they’re expected to have an active trading date where they can move some of their young and inexperienced players to gain veteran depth in hopes of making a run in the postseason.

It was the Knicks and the Lakers base touched On a potential three-team deal earlier this season, so the odds of Rose and potential Evan Fournier (who’s also out of the Knicks cycle) being dealt to the West is growing with each passing day.

Rose was taken out of the Knicks rotation in early December—along with Cam Reddish—in favor of second-year defensive guard Miles McBride, cutting the rotation back to nine players. Rose has only scored a handful of brief in-game appearances since then.

Since the sudden change in rotation, the Knicks are 14-6 and have jumped from a below-average team to one of the most productive teams in the NBA.

Prior to his removal from the rotation, Rose had very limited playing minutes of only about 13 minutes per game and averaged just 5.8 points per game and shot 39.4% from the field.

Not surprisingly, the Knicks are looking to move on from the man they acquired in 2021, as the team has gone from prioritizing veteran players’ minutes to giving younger players like Emmanuel Kwikley and Quentin Grimes more opportunity, and that has translated. win for them.

Rose himself handled the unprecedented situation with great class and sportsmanship and continued to support those playing above him despite not seeing the floor himself.

“They got Deuce [McBride] He plays in front of me. I can’t hate that young man. I made it over for Thanksgiving last year. Really cool with his family. I like the way he plays. I would somehow feel if I hated any kind of fashion.”

Derrick Rose via Stefan Bondi with the New York Daily News on Dec. 15

It is very likely that Rose will be dealt with on the deadline, but the mystery remains a mystery. New York’s definition of an ideal situation is also a mystery, but it’s safe to assume that the organization will do its best to keep both parties happy.

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