The last moment to submit a request for electricity compensation. Don’t miss the subsidy on your electricity bills. Check how to get 1500 PLN

Do not forget to apply for electricity compensation. Check if you’re eligible for a government energy subsidy – called the electricity charge. You can earn 1000 PLN and 1500 PLN. The deadline for submitting an application for an electricity subsidy is about to expire. Make sure you don’t miss an opportunity to fund your accounts.


The state subsidy for electricity includes freezing of electricity prices In 2023, as part of the so-called Solidarity Shield at the current level, up to 2000 kWh of annual consumption. This threshold is comparable to the average household energy consumption. Only the excess over the limit will be settled according to the tariff applied in 2023. I can count on a higher level persons with disabilities (up to 2.6 thousand kWh) i households with a large family card and farmers (limit up to 3,000 kWh).

You can also get it by law one-time electricity fee. It is intended to protect families in which the primary source of heating in the building is electricity. This applies, for example, to heat pumps.

Electrical accessory it does not apply to households that use photovoltaic panels, even if they use a heat pump to heat the house. In the content of the law, there is a provision that if a household uses electricity produced from a photovoltaic micro-installation, it is not entitled to a one-time subsidy for electricity. Families who have already applied for a subsidy for another fuel, eg coal, wood, pellets, heating oil or LPG.

EYE one-time power supply families who heat their home with electricity can apply.

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