The Last of Us – HBO series review. Even better than the game.

The fact that The Last of Us has appeared on each of the last three generations of the PlayStation console is one of the best examples of just how important a title we’re talking about. Making an adaptation of a series is a big responsibility, but names like HBO and Chernobyl were good omens. The end result brings you to your knees.

Chernobyl is one of HBO’s most important productions, but the series is less than three years old. The creators have shown incredible talent and intuition in making such an important series, so when they got their hands on the project of “Our Last” series, a lot of people were relieved. Something, however, did not allow us to fully control our emotions. it’s a whole galaxy of failed game adaptations that made it to the screens as movies and TV series. It seemed that almost ready-to-move stories and characters adored by millions would be enough to make it happen. to bring such productions. Subsequent titles were (more) disappointments, so somewhere in the back of our minds there was a fear that this time would be the same.

The Last of Us series from HBO – review

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The first few tens of minutes already show that “The Last of Us” will go down in history as the first extremely successful adaptation of the game, and episodes 1-9 prove that the production will undoubtedly bear the title of the best for some time. But more importantly, the rating of the series is based not only on how close this production is to the original, but whether it is simply a good series. This is influenced by many factors: the level of acting, the production, the script, the editing, the music, the direction, and the general atmosphere of the production.

And here, The Last of Us comes out unscathed in each of these categories, as the story draws us in so quickly and captivates us that before we know it, we’ll be watching the end of the episode. It appears very quickly hunger more so because the atmosphere created works on the emotions and allows you to connect with the characters. They have a lot of charisma, they can be pleasant, and sometimes they annoy us. Everything evokes such strong feelings that even we live what is happening on the screen

It’s just not a successful game adaptation. It’s a very good series!

This is influenced by the said scenery. Gaming fans will immediately recognize that some scenes, shots, stills are taken directly from the PlayStation production, while for others, it will be very well-made episode segments. The cinematic nature of the game made it possible to copy some of the story at times, but there are changes in the script that may not be entirely convincing to the biggest fans of the game. However, the series is governed by its own laws, and if the changes made work in its favor, then we have no right to complain.

So is The Last of Us, where the balance of the written story and the action scenes with slower dramatic elements complement each other perfectly. Then the talent of Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey comes to the fore. Sometimes they are exactly the same characters as they play, but in the series they have many scenes where the actors give them freshness or even a new identity, which will be a big plus for any kind of viewer. The relationship between the two was crucial to the success of the project, and it turns out that it provides the right foundation for what we see in many episodes.

HBO was good enough to make a series based on this game a hit.

HBO adequately supported the series financially. At no point do we feel that some of the scenes would have looked better or more believable if the budget had been increased. Everything here is in place and looks fantastic, whether it’s part of practical effects or computer generated. And in CGI, there’s no shortage of individual elements, props, or entire locations whose falsity can be ignored.

The essence of HBO’s The Last of Us, however, is a masterfully written story that reveals its secrets to us step by step, allows us to grow closer to the characters, and increases our feelings of sympathy or fear. The series will be released in weekly intervals, so forget about binge-watching until all the episodes are released. This, however, will make each episode a greater experience, all the way to the end.

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