The latest iOS 16 beta brings several improvements to iMessage

The fourth beta version of iOS 16 is out. Apple has made many changes and improvements to the iMessage messaging app.

iMessage is getting more functionality in iOS 16 beta 4

We’re slowly getting closer to the stable release of the latest version of the iPhone operating system, but before that happens, Apple has released the fourth beta version that anyone can now test. The main new features in this version concern the iMessage app.

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iOS 16 adds the ability to modify and undo in-app messages, albeit with some limitations. Both the sender and receiver of the message will be able to see the changes made, and each message can only be edited five times. Thanks to these restrictions, it will be possible to avoid abuses and we will use the editing function to simply remove typos or errors. This is in response to previous concerns expressed by users who feared that this option could be used precisely for fraud.

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In addition, the time to delete a sent message has also changed. Previously, iMessage allowed you to delete a message up to 15 minutes after it was sent, now that time has been reduced to 2 minutes. Apple, for its part, leaves us a quarter of an hour to edit the sent text. Whether you want to correct or delete text, it all starts with a long press on the message. A menu will then appear where you will find both the option to edit and cancel the send.

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