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The law allowing home schooling in the Republic of Kazakhstan is unconstitutional, says the deputy

Santa Catarina Public Ministry Headquarters. Photo: MPSC

Unanimously that The Santa Catarina Court of Justice (TJSC) declared the law allowing so-called home education to be the state.

The MPSC in its manifesto pointed out that the establishment of the right to home education in the state contrary to all federal law and public policy enacted at the national level.

The petition was filed by the MPSC Constitutional Control Operational Support Center (CECCON). In the action, the prosecutor’s office maintained the presence of formal unconstitutionality due to Violation of the rules of legislative jurisdiction and initiative.

Compulsory registration, attendance, program content, educational network, supervisory and inspection bodies, assessment methods, student socialization, absolutely everything was built on the basic premise of compulsory attendance of students in the school premises. This is the model of national education that was in place until then.”judge Maria do Rocio Luz Santa Rita summed up in her vote.

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