The lever needs to be moved, Porsche changed its mind

It seems that the managers of Porsche have changed their minds and intend to bet on the full integration of software from Google with the infotainment systems of their new models.

Porsche and Google are discussing closer cooperation

Whether one likes it or not, in the context of the car, more and more talk is not only about engines and bodies, but also about electronics or even software. The latest reports indicate that Porsche’s plans regarding this look interesting. The company is reportedly in advanced negotiations with the well-known company Google. On what topic?

It’s about tightening cooperation and putting more emphasis on Google software in Porsche cars. For example, several applications would appear in them, above all the self-proclaimed king of navigation Google Maps and Google Assistant. Let’s face it, it’s a solution that would enable these apps in the car’s infotainment system and eliminate the need to connect an Android phone to it.

And not so long ago, there was a fear of sharing too much data

In general, it’s hard to see this as anything very surprising, although in the case of Porsche it is. In fact, we can talk about a 180-degree turn, because not so long ago there were voices from the company’s camp that Google was asking for too much data. As you can see, something has changed. In Google’s activities or as perceived by Porsche executives.

In any case, the wind of change was felt after the words of Lutz Meschke, CFO of Porsche, which he spoke at one of the last conferences. He mentioned conversations about software research and development not only with Google, but also with Apple, and even with Baidu and Tencent in China.

The contract with Google should be considered only for Porsche, not for the entire Volkswagen Group. Spokesmen for Porsche and Google have yet to respond to inquiries about this.

Source:, photo: unsplash

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