The life story of an entrepreneur in 15 GIFs

If you decide on the entrepreneurial path, be sure that it will not be easy. You will see many ups and downs until your venture succeeds, but if you persevere to the end you will see that it was worth it.

Today I am pointing out some cases that happen in the life of every entrepreneur with funny GIFs. Let’s see them!

1. You have an idea, a billion dollar idea.

2. And you started looking for a co-founder.

3. Once you get the perfect co-founder, you tirelessly start working on the idea.

4. You have finally launched the beta version.

5. Now you have started developing a fundraising business plan.

It started like this

And it ended like this

6. Your first pitch looked like this.

7. Here’s what you expected from investors

8. Here’s how investors reacted.

9. But finally your start-up is funded.

10. After some time, when you started facing problems in the business model, coordination with the team and investors.

11. You explained that it was time to lay off some employees.

12. When your startup was recommended in TechCrunch.

13. And you started getting offers from big players to take over.

14. Now it’s time to decide what to do.

15. Choose the best exit strategy.

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