The little friends swear they are twins and dress alike to prove it

There is nothing better than clean looking children. These two guys swear they’re twins, they’re such good friends, and they show that no one is born racist.

Although physically complete opposites, they see each other as equals and identify as such. The joke touched the netizens and the children’s post went viral again.

Speaking about “Gemini Day”. (Gemini Day, with free translation), on dress-up day as his co-star, little Miles, 5, insisted that his mom, Brittney Tankersley, buy clothes for him and his friend Tanner, who is the same age. The next day he had a very exciting surprise.

almost twins

Miles was very excited for Twin Day at Magnolia School in Foley, Alabama, USA.

He had found the perfect match, his friend Tanner, to prank. Miles told his mother that his classmate looked just like him, with the same eye and hair color, according to the child.

Convinced they were identical, Miles insisted his mother buy the necessary clothing to attend. So after putting everyone to bed at her house, the woman went to Walmart and bought a pair of clothes.

The mother bought two plaid shirts and black pants for the two boys. Figuring that the combination would be perfect, as the two would be “twins” according to Miles.

The next day, the mother will have a surprise that will make her laugh and touch her heart at the same time.

Everything is the same

The incident took place in 2019 and this week it went viral again on the networks. When Miles was sent off to school in his Gemini Day outfit, little did his mother know that she would receive a very special message later that afternoon.

The twins’ teacher at school sent a photo to Miles’ mother. The picture showed a white and blond boy next to his little friend, a black boy, both smiling happily.

The excited boy’s mother did not expect that situation. “My heart melted,” she said.

According to the woman, Miles’ purity was the differential that there was no contradiction to say that they were not alike.

“Obviously two very different kids, but Miles didn’t see that,” his mother pointed out.

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went viral

Britney, the mother of little Miles, sharing the story on social networks, wanted to show the warmth and love that the two received.

“Wouldn’t the world be so much better if we could all see it through the eyes of a 5-year-old couple,” he declared.

With more than 60,000 likes on Instagram, the publication reached the hearts of thousands of people who found the boy’s gesture very noble.

“I am very happy for your child. We all shouldn’t see colors and I’m glad she was taught that,” one netizen commented.

Another follower praised the behavior of the mother’s teachings. “The kids are amazing and you teach them wonderful values. Okay, Mom and Dad,” she said.

“So sweet and pure,” one netizen wrote about Miles’ attitude. -They Really Swear They’re Twins – Photo: Reproduction/Instagram Ann Marie A. Swift

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