The Lotus Group managed to fool even Joelma and used the image of Queen Calypso to deliver the blows

Manaus – One of the strategies used by the Lotus group to gain credibility for their scams was to use the image of digital influencers and famous artists in their advertisements. One of the artists whose character was explored was the Queen of Calypso, Joelma.

In Belém, one of the victims would have suffered damages of more than 300,000 BRL. Rocicléia was one of the thousands of people who believed in the commercial of the financial company in which the singer Joelma starred. In February of this year, with the help of the company “Lotus Corporate”, the pensioner took out loans with a deduction from the salary in the total amount of R$ 62 thousand reais.

“My daughter is in her final year of medicine and I needed to give her some money for her degree,” recalls Rocicléia Marques. When the money was released, the financial company immediately transferred 10% of the amount to Rocicléia, and promised to repay the loan installment within 6 months. However, according to the complainant, the contract stopped being fulfilled in the middle of the year.


“We had a public figure, like Joelma, who advertises the company. In the end, that also gives us security,” adds Rocicléia. In a note, the advice of the singer Joelma informed that the artist terminated the contract with Grupo Lótus Corporate after the disclosure of the complaints.

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