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The luxury fleet of political parties

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Data collected by Movimento Transparência Partidária and published in Folha show that political parties bought; 24 cars from 2017 to 2020 worth R$100 or more.

A legend that gathered the largest fleet the high-end cars were the PSL. The party, today called União Brasil, the result of a merger with DEM, bought seven cars worth a total of 1.3 million rials.

In short, it is the most expensive car ever bought Land Rover Range Rover preto, acquired by the Paraíba directory BRL 381 thousand. according to Federal MP Julian Lemos, then PSL chairman in the state, said the car returned to the shop in August 2020 at the same cost. According to the party, in 2018 not worth the maintenance costs.

“The other vehicles purchased by the informant were a Volkswagen Tiguan black, the price of which is 189 thousand R$; and Amarok of the same car manufacturer: 165 thousand rubles.writes the newspaper.

eventually, 22 partiess recorded the purchase or financing 80 cars from 2017 to 2020 with a total cost of BRL 6.9 million.

the run Patriot was the side that bought the most expensive car between 2017 and 2020, excluding the one bought and returned by Paraíba’s PSL. It is a black Mitsubishi Pajero, R$ 260 thousand.

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