The M2 iPad Pro requires third-party apps to capture ProRes video

Apple announced the next-generation iPad Pro last week, which is now available in stores. Apart from the faster M2 chip, there’s nothing really exciting about this new iPad – except perhaps the fact that it can record ProRes video. But unlike the iPhone, the new iPad Pro M2 requires a third-party app for it.

Capturing ProRes video on the iPad Pro isn’t as easy as it seems

As stated on the Japanese site McOtakara, there is no way to enable ProRes video in the native iPad Camera app. If you go to the camera settings, the option is also gone. On supported iPhone models, users can enable ProRes video directly in the Camera app with just one tap. But how then can users shoot ProRes videos on the iPad Pro M2?

The answer is: there’s an app for that! For some unknown reason, the only way to shoot ProRes video with the new iPad is to use a third-party app downloaded from the App Store. McOtakara was able to confirm this strange limitation using FiLMiC Pro on an iPad Pro M2. Once the app is installed, it allows users to choose ProRes 709 and ProRes 2020 codecs for video recording.

At this point, it’s unclear whether Apple will intentionally allow users to shoot ProRes video with the iPadOS camera app, or whether the lack of ProRes in the app is simply a bug. However, many users may be confused that they cannot find one of the main functions of the new iPad without installing an app.

Just like the iPhone, ProRes video on the iPad Pro M2 is limited to 1080p at 30fps for the 128GB model ProRes 4K capture on the iPad requires a model with 256GB or more.

Learn more about the iPad Pro M2

The new generation iPad Pro retains the same design and screen dimensions as before, but now with Apple’s M2 chip – the same as the MacBook Air introduced earlier this year. Apple also added support for the faster Wi-Fi 6E standard and more 5G bands.

And with the new hover feature, the iPad can detect when the Apple Pencil hovers over the screen. This means that UI elements can bounce around in anticipation of expected user interaction.

Prices for the new iPad Pro M2 start at $799 for the Wi-Fi version with 128GB of internal storage. You can find great deals on buying a new iPad on Amazon.

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