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The man refuses to leave the bank at the insistence of influencers and becomes viral. “It is a public place.”

In recent years, a new profession has emerged that fascinates young people: the digital influencer. In an increasingly difficult labor market, accessing the Internet is democratic. you don’t need to have a degree or experience, just come up with an offer that will attract some people and you can earn a lot.

Influencers become true celebrities, so fame can end up dazzling some people and annoying others.

Recently, a conversation between a Tiktok fitness influencer and a man, both British, went viral. At the beginning of the video, the young woman places her tripod in front of one of the park benches and begins the live broadcast. However, a man enters the scene, who does not realize what is happening, sits on the bench and starts checking his mobile phone.

The influencer gets a little upset and asks the stranger to sit somewhere else.

The guy just asks “So?” Surprised, the young woman asks the man to change seats again, saying that she is asking politely. He answers: if he sits on the same bench every day and says it is a public place. He adds that he politely asked him to shoot elsewhere.

Then he says: “You are now in my online stream, everyone can see you.” The man, without any interest, answers. “I am not interested”:

The discussion gets heated and the influencer claims that she is ruining her stream, that people only want to see her, not the stranger. The man continues to refuse to change places and cuts.

The girl insists that she should get off the camera because he was old and his followers “wouldn’t want to see him”. The boy looks at him ironically and answers. “Your followers. Oh, so you’re Jesus now. »

Realizing that the man will not leave the bank, the young woman is forced to change her seat, saying “It’s not fair”.

The video went viral and divided opinions. some understand that the man did the right thing by disrespecting the young woman. They believe that he had no obligation to leave the bank because it was a public space.

However, other users see that the man was rude and that it cost him nothing to leave the scene and sit in another seat.

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