The man who threw a feces bomb at Lula’s act becomes a defendant in Rio de Janeiro

Arrested since the week he was arrested by the Military Police in the act, André Stefano Dimitriu de Brito told authorities he was acting as a ‘lone wolf’.

CLEVER FELIX/LDG NEWS/ESTADÃO CONTENTLula's political act in Cinelândia, in Rio de Janeiro
Lula’s political act in Cinelândia, downtown Rio de Janeiro

The man who dropped a homemade poop bomb during an act of the pre-candidate for the presidency Lula (PT), in Cineândia, the central region of Rio de Janeiro, became a defendant. Arrested since the week when he was arrested by the Military Police, André Stefano Dimitriu de Brito told the authorities that he acted as a “lone wolf” and that he has no ties to any political party. The Public Ministry of Rio de Janeiro, however, requested this Friday, the 15th, that the 52-year-old break the confidentiality of the phone, in addition to the phone chips he may have in his possession. At the time of the incident, thousands of people gathered to pay tribute to the PT, which is trying to return to power after more than a decade.

*With information from reporter Rodrigo Viga

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