The mayor of Itacoatiare enjoys the end of Mengão as tractors destroy market stalls; watch the video

Written by Augusto Patryck on October 21, 2022 at 4:21 pm

Amazonas – Concerned about the situation of the fairgrounds and fish markets in Itacoatiara (269 kilometers from Manaus), the city’s mayor Mário Abrahim (PSC) celebrated Flamengo’s title in the Copa do Brasil last Wednesday (19) against Corinthians, in Rio de Janeiro.

While celebrating the title of mengão, the mayor ordered that the fishmongers and sellers be driven from the streets of the city with tractors, destroying the stalls, but also with the livelihood of some families. An outraged woman demands an explanation from the mayor, while a young man criticizes the manager for being in Rio de Janeiro.

The prefecture of Itacoatiara, together with the military police, removed the stands from the fairgrounds in the settlement of Jauary, see the video of the withdrawal:

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