The meaning of Christmas for children, what do they learn?

There’s a great phrase that goes “live Christmas like a kid” and it really is, who really enjoy these closures are the little ones. One of the great reasons is the gifts, but also everything that these holidays bring together: the decoration itself for this time of year, putting up the Christmas tree, watching movies and read Christmas themed storiesice skating, going to Papa Noel or Magi Kings among others lots of activities that are super fun for them🇧🇷

In reality, this is a time when “everyone wants to be happy, and for that reason, why should we take happiness away from children? If there are people who don’t feel they want to enjoy it, that’s fine, but the way an adult can live will never be the same as the way a child lives. For that reason, even if as adults we choose not to get excited about these closures, we should remember this Christmas This is an exciting time for children and I think we should offer them the opportunity to live as happily as possible“, he suggested Paulina Castillo, teacher in Positive Discipline in the family, classroom and early childhood; facilitator of workshops, talks and tips for respectful children (@crianza.respectuosa).

¿Qué sentiment emerges la Navidad en los peques?

More than the illusion and wonder of everything they receive, Christmas is also a time in which we are all more likely to be “better individuals”, we are more solidary, more empathetic to each other, generous… They are completions of gatherings, of meals and scenes in the family that allow the bonds of union to be strengthened and, of course, of greetings through Christmas cards and to express good wishes wishes of our loved ones.

You are one time to give and receive, and everything is lived much more intensely in childhood. “For children, Christmas is full of happiness because it brings love, joy… Everything that comes around is magical! From listening to the stories of Santa Claus or the Child Jesus and the Magi Kings… to learning and singing different villains, watching the films of the Christmas season or, for example, the games played now with the famous Christmas elf, que hace trastadas at home to 25 December. This whole environment that’s been generated this season is what allows los niños to be happier🇧🇷 That is!, when and when everything is well managed, because the opposite can happen, it is decided, if we try to manipulate your behavior or behavior with everything that is named, then the feelings will be very different: rejection, grief, stress, discomfort, inconvenience“, warns the teacher.

So we should take advantage of these days to try to show them all those things we want them to learn from their point of view. love, innocence, illusion and compassion. “I believe this is one of the best times to teach children this respect because every family has its own customs and traditions.” Also, show them that it’s time for a family gathering, too the bonds between them tighten and strengthen🇧🇷 This is also the opportunity to understand that while everyone around us is partying, there are other people who can hardly celebrate it. La Navidad for many means a family union and for others just the opposite. On the other hand, we can learn that this is a moment of share and give we are not there just to receive“, advises the teacher.

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