The MEC published the ProUni 2022/2 notification. check key dates

The Ministry of Education (MEC) has published the public notice for the second selection process of the University for All Program (PRONU) 2022. The document outlines the timeline for this release and formalizes the new rules allowed in the Program.

According to the report: The application period for Prouni 2022/2 will be from 1 to 4 August. Interested parties should apply exclusively online at: Single Access Portal:.

Candidates who have passed one of the last two versions of the National High School Examination (Enem) in 2020 or 2021 are eligible to apply. essay:

Prouni is a federal government program that offers scholarships for higher education courses at private institutions. The program offers scholarships with 50% and 100% discounts on monthly fees. According to the rules, in order to apply for a full scholarship (100%), it is necessary to confirm an income of up to 1.5 minimum wages. The required income for the 50% scholarship is up to 3 minimum wages.

General education teachers who teach in basic education do not need to prove income to apply for scholarships for licensing courses.

The public notice also states that in this edition, students who have attended high school in a private school (without scholarship) will also be able to participate in the selection process. Despite this change, the income criteria remain the same and public school students will have priority for scholarships.

ProUni 2022/2 calls

Call 1 is scheduled to be released on August 8th. Pre-selected candidates have to prove the information till 17th of the next day. 2nd call is scheduled for August 22, proof of information between August 22 and August 31.

Those who are not selected in either of the two calls should register on the waiting list on September 5 and 6, 2022. Queuing results are scheduled for September 9 with proof of information from September 10 to 16.

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