the member of parliament knocks on the desk of the representative and she reacts;  "Would you do that with a man?"  – CM7 Portal – News from Manaus and AmazonasEnglish 

the member of parliament knocks on the desk of the representative and she reacts; “Would you do that with a man?” – CM7 Portal – News from Manaus and Amazonas

By Lindivan on July 7, 2022 at 9:11 am

Brazil – Federal representative Reginaldo Lopes (PT-MG) hit the table hard Celina Leão (PP-DF) and talked with the member of parliament while she was presiding Special commission for the proposal of amendments to the Constitution (PEC) no. 15, 2022.. Pictures from the House of Representatives show Lopes next to Celine, trying to intimidate her.

Lopes wanted to prevent the reading of the report on A government-sponsored PEC that establishes competitive differentiation for biofuels. PEC Auxílios, called PEC Kamikaze, was added to PEC no. 15 and is criticized by the opposition.

Celina, however, proved that she is a lioness, as her surname suggests, and reacted: the report was read, and the proposal should be voted on this Thursday (July 7).

The camera footage shows the moment when Lopes hits Celina’s desk, who quickly gets up and the two collide. Celina then says: “No one will look down on me. I want to know if you did this with the president [Arthur] Lira, or at the president of another commission”.

Watch the video:

Celina informed that she will present the case to the Ethics Council and file a lawsuit against the PT deputy. “This is political violence. Would you have the courage to do the same if it were a man sitting in my place? Then they apologized, but you cannot accept such behavior,” he stated.

Deputy Reginaldo Lopes said, in a note, that “the right to speak to parliamentary leaders has been revoked.”

See full note:

“At a meeting of the Commission discussing the PEC electoral theft, tempers flared when the right to speak was taken away from parliamentary leaders such as PT and Minority Bank. When we went to complain about asking for the use of regimental rights, we were met with hostility and punches on the table, which led me to react to take the same position. As the President of the Commission, Deputy Celina Leão, commented at the end of the session, “the excesses that happened are political”.

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