The Ministry of Health launches the campaign to fight viral hepatitis

Minister Marcelo Queiroga warned about the importance of the population seeking diagnosis and emphasized the actions of the government

Valter Campanato / Agência BrasilMarcelo Queiroga
The Minister of Health, Marcelo Queiroga, launches the campaign to fight viral hepatitis

O healthy ministry launched this Wednesday, the 27th, the campaign to fight viral hepatitis. On this occasion, the minister Marcelo Queiroga warned of the importance of the population seeking diagnosis, in addition to highlighting portfolio actions to combat hepatitis A, B and C. According to him, the issue of hepatitis is a public health problem. “In the past, hepatitis was the leading cause of liver transplants. Today, due to public policies, it has turned into chronic steatohepatitis, since we have effective methods of early diagnosis, treatment with antivirals. [aplicar] vaccines, to use the power of public policy to reduce this important problem,” he explained. To fight Unified Health System (SUS) offers from prevention to diagnosis and treatment. According to the Ministry of Health, the main form of prevention against hepatitis A and B, for example, are vaccines that are made available free of charge according to the vaccination schedule. Both hepatitis B, C and D have free treatment provided by SUS. Medicines guarantee a cure for up to 95% of hepatitis C patients.

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