The Mio MiVue C580 video recorder is available for sale

A dash cam is definitely one of those things that isn’t worth saving up for, as that saving can be very costly at a later date. The Mio company meets expectations and presents the MiVue C580.

Mio MiVue C580 is the successor to the old C570 model, which was popular with drivers. What is new construction? Which functions are used there for even more security?

The Mio MiVue C580 video recorder is a new sensor

Changes include the use of a new optical sensor CMOS Sony STARTVIS, which is to ensure a high quality of recordings, both in sunny weather and in low light at night. In the first scenario, it will also help HDR mode.

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In addition, Mio pays attention to a function that will help us avoid unnecessary fines. This technology warns us before segmental speed measurementindicates the distance and time in seconds for an approaching radarif Speed ​​limit and average speed over the measured distance.

Mio MiVue C580 Video Recorder

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Except has a GPSto warn us against an ordinary radar and it’s a beep. Moreover, it will inform you about the restriction of this section.

You can also count on a function that will certainly be useful in large cities and more, viz. parking. The dash cam will automatically start recording if it detects vibrations or movement of our vehicle.

This is possible thanks to the built-in rechargeable battery and lasts up to several hours. With the SmartBox III permanently powered, this time can be extended up to 36 hours.

Okay, how much does this wonder cost?

We will have to pay 549 PLN for the VCR in question. It is now available for sale and you can check its prices in Polish stores here.

However, you can check the test of the predecessor below.

Car DVR for convenience? Mio MiVue C570 (REVIEW)

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