The mobile wallpaper is inspired by Vivo’s year-end film

Created by Africa, the campaign invites the viewer to delve into life’s important moments

“Look at your desktop background. What does that mean to you?” That’s the question Vivo is asking in its year-end campaign.

Influenced by composer Rubel’s track ‘Partilhar’, the Africa-made film takes the audience to life moments, such as the emotions of a grandfather when he holds his grandson for the first time, a couple in love. at their birthday party, wedding and even a surfing maneuver performed by world and Olympic champion Italo Ferreira. During the scenes, an outline of a cell phone forms to represent the background.


“Our backgrounds reveal unique moments that we want to immortalize. As a brand that puts a human face behind technology, we hope that in 2023 we can live intensely and share more moments with those we love,” said Marina Deinez, Vivo’s brand and communications director.

The campaign is based on a media strategy that includes open TV, paytv, cinema and digital TV. In addition, the company has also launched a campaign in partnership with Spotify and will make playlists based on users’ mobile phone backgrounds.

To participate, people must visit the promotion’s website, upload their background image, and describe how the photos make them feel. Based on the platform’s artificial intelligence, a personalized song selection will be created. This news will be announced later this week on Vivo’s social networks.

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