The most common WhatsApp web problems and their solutions.

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Everyone needs a phone these days, but what if we couldn’t communicate with our family and friends through texting? Presently speaking mobile phone goes hand in hand with the word WhatsApp, which implies that if we miss our mobile, we miss this app and, therefore, we will not be able to communicate with our acquaintances. As we said at the beginning, a few years ago this problem would have some consequences for the teenage population because you lose your cell phone, but today this problem is becoming more bearable. WhatsApp web.

In this article, we will talk about the popular WhatsApp Web, its most common problems and solutions stay with them to discover them.

Let’s say you go to the bathroom and your mobile phone is in the back pocket of your pants, when you want to realize it… clock! portable to water Who has never had this happen to? It may not have happened to you, of course, but you certainly know people who have had that little mishap. Years ago, this could have been a disaster, especially for the youngest, but today we have various means to deal with these types of problems. It basic solution which is used when the mobile phone is running out of power. WhatsApp web.

Most of you will know this, but for those who don’t, WhatsApp Web is it extension from your WhatsApp account that has the feature use this platform on your computer. So both devices are in sync and anything you send via mobile will be synced to PC and vice versa. How to access this extension? Very easy! You just need to enter the address in the search engine. Then he will give it to us QR code, which we need to scan with our mobile device; that’s all we have to do login to the app WhatsApp on our device, go to the three points menu located in the upper right corner, select the option “paired devices“and, finally, give the option “connecting device“. He will ask us to use our fingerprint or password to confirm that it is us and then a kind of palace code detector. These are the steps to get our WhatsApp web up and running.

Many times this extension gives us an error or inside the page itself we can find some complications, but there is no need to worry because here we explain what they are and how to solve them.

The browser you are using is not supported

How to act in case of WhatsApp system failure

Currently, that most browsers are supported (Google Chrome, Safari, Opera, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge), but you may also be using another browser that may not be compatible. The first thing we recommend is to try opening WhatsApp Web in your usual browser. If this doesn’t work for you, try this change browsersince most computers come with two.

Another problem for which the home page may not load is if you have a very old version of your regular browser and it doesn’t support extension weight. If so, give it a try update it.

As we already said, most browsers are perfectly compatible and should not cause any kind of problem. The only one that could give some sort of complications would be internet explorer.

You cannot pair more devices

whatsapp web issue

This problem is one of the most common. Many say that this prevents them from linking their account on a computer, and many times this is because they open sessions on different devices and do not close them later. At this moment WhatsApp only allows you to connect 4 devices plus the mobile phoneso if you ever get a notification about this, all you have to do is close the open session on one of the devices and the problem is solved.

You have WhatsApp Web open in another window

Another whatsapp window error

for now WhatsApp Web only allows us to have an open session in our browserIn other words, if we have an open window with our WhatsApp Web and we want to open another window, we can do it only by closing one of the open windows, but not at the same time. Because of this, when you try to open an additional session, a message will automatically appear saying the following: “WhatsApp is open in another window. Click USE HERE to use WhatsApp in this window.”

There have been many times that people have been disturbed to see the message “WhatsApp is open in another window”, but as we said, this extension cannot be used in two windows at the same time, so if we click on a link USE HERE The oldest session will automatically close and it will open in the window you clicked.

The original QR code is not loading

whatsapp web

If in any case the QR code given to you when you open the home page does not load, everything indicates that your Internet connection is down or very slow. That’s why we advise you to be patient to see if it’s the second option or vice versa, you need to refresh the page.

You are not notified of messages

whatsapp web notifications

This problem is the most common one that you can find, because many times when you first start a session on our WhatsApp web, they ask us if we want to allow them to inform us, to which in most cases we answer: No. So if your computer doesn’t notify you of messages, don’t worry, no problem. All you have to do is press on the lock located in the top search engine to open the web page settings. Then you have to go to the department notifications and you should check that you have activated its option to let; if not, activate it and from then on all messages will be reported to you.

The files cannot be openedphoto not found

Many of the photos or videos you send may not open because they WhatsApp is protected by end-to-end encryption, and it’s for this reason that if you sent a photo to X recipient on your mobile, you won’t be able to view it on your laptop. However, there are different methods to get back a photo that someone sent you or you sent them, such as: duplication or even Applications: just for that job. Similarly, it is the easiest method ask him to the person who sent you the photo that send again.

My new contact does not appear

Usually, when we add a new contact on our mobile device, it usually appears, but with WhatsApp Web, this is not always the case. If we search for a new contact in the application on our computer, it may not appear (not always). Most of the time we will think it was our fault because we didn’t enter the phone number correctly, but other times we have to do; set the prefix of our contact that we want to search and will appear automatically.

Unable to access this site

whatsapp offline

Many times when we try to access our WhatsApp web profile, this is the message that appears on the screen. This can be due to two factors. we have the first one You typed the web address incorrectly and the second, which was internet is down. The solutions we can offer you are first and foremost to check that you wrote the address correct. If it is, but it still doesn’t work, then check that you have a stable internet connection. If you have internet but it’s not working, you can always restart your computer or router. Even if doing all this still doesn’t work, call technical service your company

WhatsApp crash

whatsapp offline
A few months ago, we experienced a big drop on major platforms like WhatsApp, Instagram and Facebook. Most of the people found themselves incommunicado, so they tried to find a solution in this situation. This solution they tried to find was to open their WhatsApp session on PC but it failed. The reason why these methods do not work is very simple. As we said at the beginning, WhatsApp Web is an extension of your WhatsApp account, so if the network failsand as a consequence WhatsApp, this The app won’t work in your browser either since sessions are synchronized and if one fails, so will the other. Given that, the only thing we can do is wait, as this is an internal platform issue.

I will not be allowed to send large files

A few years back, the size limit needed to send a file on WhatsApp was 16MB, but currently they have increased it to 100MB, which is quite appreciable in some ways, though it may not be enough for many. Because of this, if you select or send a file larger than 100MB, it will give you an error or it won’t be selected at all. This will appear under the message “the selected media file is larger than 100 MB. Unable to send“. This doesn’t have a solution as such, as it’s a platform issue, but we can provide you with some resources that may come in handy when you’re about to send a large file. First of all, we recommend that when you are going to send a large file, you do it through the services Google Drive, because in addition to sending without problem, the quality will not be lost. Today, there are countries like Argentina where beta users can send files up to 2GB.

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