The most expensive plants in the world. Check how much they cost and what you can replace them with so they don’t go bankrupt

Potted plants and garden plants are now available in a large selection and at reasonable prices. But not all. There are also those for which you have to shell out hundreds and thousands of zlotys and even dollars. We present the most expensive plants in the world and recommend their “substitutes” for every budget.


Currently, potted and garden flowers are not overly expensive. Of course, a lot depends on the species, as well as the age and size of the seedling, but you can enjoy the flower garden and the house without spending a real fortune. Many plants can also propagate themselves or be grown from seed. But not all. However, there are also plants whose prices make your head spin, and that at the world level.

The incredible prices of plants are not an invention of our time at all. It can even be said that ornamental plants today (at least some) are relatively cheap. This is mainly due to the massification of transport and the cultivation of plants that are produced on a large scale. It wasn’t always like that. Ornamental plants have long been a luxury commodity, imported from faraway parts of the world. It was only with time that many species were introduced into mass and professional cultivation in Europe or the USA, and new varieties are still cultivated. Some of them fetch high prices at first, like the charming philodendron Birkin, which was a real rarity at the beginning, and now can be bought in the supermarket for around PLN 20. Similarly, some orchids, which until recently belonged to extremely expensive plants, have become popular. Phalaenopsis or several other species can be bought even in the supermarket, but there are still many types and varieties of collectors and extremely expensive among orchids (ie Orchids).

Of course, the cost of growing plants affects plant prices. And they are different, depending on the requirements of a certain type and variety. Some of them are also extremely sensitive, such as many varieties with colorful leaves. Some plants reproduce more easily than others, and of course this also affects the price. The time it takes the grower to get the plant is also important. Because some seedlings are prepared for months, and others for years. That is why large, grown specimens are many times more expensive than small seedlings of the same species. It’s worth remembering when buying “occasional” plants online. Check the size of the seedling in the descriptionbecause pictures of adult plants are most often displayed, while small specimens are sold.
It is also worth knowing that some varieties for commercial purposes require a license and such varieties are also more expensive (but they usually have some unique characteristics; they are marked as PRB on the labels).

Here are some examples of extremely expensive plants.
See what unique expensive plants look like and their “replacements” at affordable prices.

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One of the plants that used to cost a fortune – literally – are tulips. It’s hard to believe, because in autumn you can buy their bulbs for a few zlotys. However, in the Netherlands in the 17th century, wealthy citizens literally went crazy for these flowers. They were a novelty in Europe, but they made a real career only when, due to the tulip spot virus that attacked the bulbs of these plants, the flowers began to take on unusual colors and shapes. Tulip prices rose at an incredible speed and scale (price speculation also contributed to this). It got to the point that they considered particularly interesting specimens the value of the land was paid or several years of the income of a rich merchant. This fashion lasted for several years, but it entered the history of gardening and art as “tulip fever” or “tulipmania”, and in economics textbooks – as the first stock market bubble.
At the moment, we can plant beautiful, colorful tulips in the discount store without going bankrupt, although the prices of the bulbs depend somewhat on the variety. On average, 20 bulbs can be bought for around PLN 20 or even less.

Cultivated crocuses (Crocus sativus), which belong to the so-called autumn crocuses. We can successfully grow them in gardens, and we will pay about PLN 1 per bulb. Not an incredible price. The thing is, however, that the so-called marks of these flowers (similar to orange tendrils) are The most expensive spice in the world is saffronwhich has literally been worth its weight in gold since ancient times. Currently, 1 gram of saffron costs over PLN 100, and to produce 1 kg of this spice, about 150,000 flowers are needed! However, to a much lesser extent, we can enjoy these flowers for just a few zlotys.

One of the expensive potted plants is the Monstera Adanson with white and green leaves, i.e. the Variegata variety. You have to pay the least for a small seedling several hundred zlotys. However, a plant with green leaves costs PLN 20, and the plant is attractive and easy to grow. It is also known under the common name Monkey Mask.

Monstera perforated is one of the most modern and popular potted plants. Smaller seedlings are quite affordable, as you can buy them for around PLN 50. But you have to dig a lot deeper into your pocket if you dream of a large, several-year-old copy – that’s how much it costs from several hundred zlotys to several thousand. So, if we have some old monstera, which has been grown at home for years, we can feel like a flower Croesus. Even more expensive are monsters with holes with white and green leaves (Variegata), which cost several times more than those with green leaves. You have to pay at least PLN 300 for a relatively small seedling, and specimens costing several thousand zlotys are not uncommon.

Orchids, or orchids, have many species and varieties. Many of them, and beautiful ones, can be bought for a few tens of zlotys. But they are also really precious, like the so-called orchid the gold of Kinabaluwhich cost 10 years ago about 5000 dollars (Paphiopedilum rothschildianum). However, its relatives, i.e. other varieties and species of Paphiopedilum orchids (called sabots in Polish), are much more affordable.
On the other hand, the price record in recent years was broken by another orchid, sold in 2005 for the equivalent of $200,000. This one Shenzhen Nongke Orchid, which does not occur in nature, but was bred at a Chinese university. You have to wait five years for its greenish-pink flowers!

If we don’t have thousands of dollars to spare, we can console ourselves with any beautifully blooming orchid. Phalaenopsis is the cheapest, we will pay around PLN 30-40 (however, there are also more expensive specimens, depending on the size of the plant and the number of flower shoots). If we want to enjoy flowers similar to Shenzhen Nongke, we need to invest a little more (at least PLN 100-200) in a cymbidium orchid.

Bonsai trees are also very expensive. The prices of these “real” miniature coniferous or coniferous trees start from several thousand zlotys, and the upper limit practically does not exist, because there are also simply priceless specimens whose creation took … several hundred years. There are trees for sale that cost up to several hundred thousand dollars, and the most expensive sold in 2011 in Japan for $1.3 million – it was a century-old pine.
But you can also get plants that perfectly imitate bonsai – these are blunt ficuses of the Ginseng variety (Ficus microcarpa Ginseng), which can be bought for about PLN 30.

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