The “most humiliating” Call of Duty elimination hit on the web

& Lstroke; o si & eogon; footage of a Call of Duty duel, where one of the players eliminated & lstroke; opponent with a perfectly aimed – or extremely slow – shot from the grenade launcher. Matter & lstrok; what & lstrok; si & eogon; viral.

Matter & lstrok; published & lstrok; Squad Gaming’s full Twitter profile. We see how the fired shell reflects & eogon; from many surfaces across the map, and & zdot; finally l & aogon; perfectly gives under the feet of the enemy. The film is titled “the most humiliating repeat kill in Call of Duty history“.

Recorded from yesterday watched & lstrok; over 3 million Internet users and waited & lstrok; o si & eogon; almost HRK 16 thousand comments. Since & zdot; The profile of Full Squad Gaming is run by two friends, many Internet users began to suspect & lt; & apos; & gt; that it is not a recording of a real duel, but a precisely planned “staging”.

However, in defense of the creators of stan & eogon; & lstrok; a cz & eogon; & sacute; & cacute; to Twitter users who find the video very interesting nonetheless. “Really & eogon; it is only a representation of one of the possible shots, not the gameplay of a real match. But still & aogon; & zdot; looks very cool“- written by & lstrok; GCarsk.

So dedicated & lstrok; it was a real tactic around 2013. The game was & lstrok; social & sacute; & cacute; which washes & sacute; la & lstrok; and stuff like that since 2011. Still & aogon; & zdot; there are several of us in the network“- writes & lstrok; and WBS Energy.

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