The most popular search terms on Google in 2022 in Poland

The end of 2022 is approaching and, as is tradition, Google has shared with us the most searched terms in Poland over the past year.

As in previous years, Google has published a complete list of the most popular phrases entered into the search engine. Splitting into several questions starting with “How much…?”, “What is…?”, “How can I…” or “When…?” allows you to get to know the most frequent questions on the minds of Poles, and these tables are quite impressive. Vladimir Putin is very often among the questions, whose age, occupation or place of residence were the most frequently asked questions. It also appeared at the top of the meme query list.

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As for the number of things, the Poles were curious about the number of knees in a dog, the length of isolation, the salary of an air traffic controller and a descendant of Elizabeth II. In the case of prices, the most frequent questions were about the value of the ruble, the cost of a covid test, the price of obtaining a passport and the price of access to the Fame MMA PPV. There were also more original questions about the price of buying a tanker, but the others were more down-to-earth, because we were interested in the prices of hryvnias, tons of coal or fuel. As part of clarifying doubts, we most often asked about swift (the code required for international banking transactions), but the question of what NATO…

How much…? How much will it cost…? What is it…?
1 How old is Putin How much is a ruble? What is fast
2 How many knees does a dog have? How much does a covid test cost in a pharmacy? What is pit 2
3 How long does the insulation last? How much does a passport cost? What is NATO?
4 How many inches does a foot have? How much is Fame MMA 14 PPV? What is the penalty
5 How big a relief for the middle class How much does a barrel of oil cost? What is the mesentery
6 How many soldiers does Russia have? How much does sugar cost? What is a solid fuel boiler
7 How many episodes does “Step Love” have? How much does a tank cost? What is golden algae
8 How much does an air traffic controller earn? How much is hryvnia? What is a fez
9 How many children did Elizabeth II have? How much is a ton of coal? What is relief for the middle class
10 How many soldiers does Russia have? How much does fuel cost? What is a shielding supplement?

Poles were also curious when they would remove TikTok (whatever that meant) and when the obligation to wear masks would disappear. Iga Świątek was popular because in the middle of the list there is a question about the dates of her matches, but even the Poles wanted to be sure when the second millennium would begin. There were also questions about credit holidays and trade bonus payments, but more often they asked when “Stranger Things” season 4 and the update to iOS 16 will appear. In between asking how something can be done, there was a question about how you can help Ukraine , which looks impressive on the scale of the country and the whole year, but did not raise more general questions, including how to dry mushrooms, how to check if it has a DVB-T2 TV or what the moon looked like on the day he was born (curiosity does not die among Poles).

When…? How…? How to make…?
1 When will they remove TikTok How to help Ukraine How to do a covid test
2 When no masks How to dry mushrooms in the oven How to make an Easter palm tree
3 When is the end of the war in Ukraine How to check if your TV has DVB-T2 How to make a molotov cocktail
4 With remote control How to freeze mushrooms How to make mushrooms in vinegar
5 When does Iga Świątek play? How to fill out an application for a cover allowance How to make banana bread
6 When the second millennium began What did the moon look like on your birthday? How to make asparagus in a pan
7 When Stranger Things 4 How to buy coal on PGG How to make mushroom soup
8 When iOS 16 How to cook beans How to make rice
9 When credit holidays How to get spins in coin master How to make kombucha
10 When is the payment of the carbon allowance How to get rid of fruit flies How to make a roux
Great water

We also asked why Russia attacked Ukraine, why Ukraine is not a member of NATO and why pickles are bitter. We wondered why Australia was in Eurovision, if the suffering nobles, who caught the crayfish in a palindrome, who won the Warsaw Uprising and who won’t die in Hamlet. It turns out that we don’t really know who a carver, copywriter, dermatologist, mechatronic or physical therapist is because people have been asking what these people do. Where does the army start, where is Qatar located and where does the locust have an organ of hearing – such questions also appeared.

television series Movies digital entertainment
1 Dahmer – The Monster: The Story of Jeffrey Dahmer How I fell in love with a gangster Wordle
2 Big water fury League Of Legends
3 Sandman Tinder cheater The lost ark
4 Injured birds Gierek Literally
5 Stranger Things 4 Batman Dying Light 2
6 The Green Gloves Gang Top Gun: Maverick Technoblade
7 Observer More terrifying 2. Christmas Massacre God of War Ragnarok
8 who is anna Uncharted Overwatch 2
9 behaviorist Purple heart Diablo Immortal
10 sweetheart The end of the world or Kogel-Mogel 4 CoinMaster

In terms of culture, Wordle, Dahmer and How I Loved a Gangster lead the way. The lists did not lack the most popular TV series, movies and games among Poles, but the most interesting seem to be other tables, where the first most popular keywords were “crisis”, “price” and “changes”, which shows that we regularly try to keep our finger on the pulse hurrying world.

The most interesting dozens of queries from different categories in Google in 2022 can be found below:

trends People They left this year
1 Ukraine Vladimir Putin Witold Paszt
2 Putin He burst Elizabeth II
3 The war in Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyi Jiří Urban
4 PGG Lanberry David Ornament
5 Russia Amber Heard Ewa Ampulská
6 Ruble exchange rate Mat Piotr Balicki
7 A shading additive Jerzy Stuhr Anne Heche
8 Witold Paszt Sarah James Jerzy Polomski
9 How I fell in love with a gangster Will Smith Jerzy Trela
10 PIT2 Simon Leviev Ludvík Dorn

Why? Whether…? WHO…?
1 Why did Russia attack Ukraine? Is Lexi alive? Who won Eurovision 2022
2 Why is there no sugar Is Ukraine in NATO Who submits PIT 19a
3 Why Ukraine is not in NATO Is Poland in danger of war? Who caught crayfish in palindrome
4 Why is gas more expensive? Will Russia attack Poland? Who won the election in France
5 Why does fuel become more expensive? Is Ukraine in the EU Who is in NATO?
6 Why are cucumbers bitter? It allows suffering to achieve a specific goal Who won America’s Got Talent
7 Why does sugar become more expensive? Are we going back to school on January 10th? Who won the Warsaw Uprising
8 Why in Ukraine and not in Ukraine Will the lessons be distance learning? Who doesn’t die in Hamlet
9 Why is Australia in Eurovision? Does suffering ennoble? Who Said “Drunken Pastry Chef’s Nightmare”
10 Why is a clam shell heavy and laterally flattened? Is the vaccinated person in quarantine? Who won Fame MMA 14
Who is it…? What…? What is it…?
1 Who is a behaviorist? What is happening in Ukraine What is SWIFT?
2 Who is an oligarch? What her eyes hide What is pit 2
3 Who is a separatist? What do Russians think about war? What are the penalties
4 Who is on probation? What to do with zucchini What is a nuclear weapon
5 Who is an outcast? What is happening in Russia What is an NFT
6 Who is the mayor? What did Alan Shepard do on the moon What is aphasia?
7 Who is the deserter? What does red aura mean? What is methadone?
8 Who is the saboteur? What is the basis of the diet of wasp worms What is Nord Stream 2
9 Who is a boomer? What threatens Poland What is Denazification?
10 Who is anonymous What to wear for a day without a backpack What is apostasy?
What is he doing…? Where is… Where…?
1 What does a carver do? Where is Putin? Where to apply for coverage allowance
2 What is Putin doing? Where is the wind Where are the children’s posters
3 What does a hairdresser do? Where is Xayoo? Where to buy a covid test
4 What does a copywriter do? Where is Vilnius Where the army begins
5 What does a dermatologist do? Where is Kerfus? Where to buy coal
6 What does a mechatronics technician do? where is the bus Where is Qatar
7 What does a physical therapist do? Where’s the sugar Where to buy potassium iodide
8 What does creatine do? Where is the plane Where will Elizabeth II be buried?
9 What does the thyroid gland do? Where are the most cities named Berlin Where does the locust have the organ of hearing
10 What does Thermomix do? Where is Turin? Where to call when the electricity goes out
How to eat…? Changes… Price…
1 How to eat kiwano Changes in the Polish Agreement Price per barrel of oil
2 How to eat a pomegranate Quarantine changes Fuel price
3 How to eat a fig Changes in the carbon additive Price per ruble
4 How to eat avocado Changes in photovoltaics The price of sugar
5 How to eat passion fruit Changes in home education The price of organic coal
6 How to eat an artichoke Significant changes in the construction project The price of cherries
7 How to eat kohlrabi Changes in transport in Wrocław iPhone 14 price
8 How to eat persimmons Sea level is changing Today’s price in euros
9 How to eat lychees Changes in the Champions League Price of pellets
10 How to eat watermelon Changes to the rules for entering Germany The price of coal
Spelling… Concert… Crisis…
1 Spelling Śmigus Dyngus Concert for Ukraine Energy crisis
2 At least the spelling Dawid Podsiadło’s concert Economic Crisis
3 Rare spelling Ed Sheeran concert Humanitarian crisis
4 Spelling by the way Guns’n’Roses concert Early life crisis
5 See spelling Sanah concert Crisis in Russia
6 Spelling backwards Genzia concert An existential crisis
7 Spelling by me Coldplay concert The opioid crisis
8 Spelling uncle Backstreet Boys concert Border crisis
9 Spelling beyond that Quebonafide concert The crisis of 2008
10 Spelling for sure Depeche Mode 2023 concert The Suez Crisis
Recipe… Diet… Definition…
1 Recipe for pickled mushrooms BARF diet Definition of household
2 Apple cider vinegar recipe Wasp diet Definition of nationalism
3 Dragon recipe Diet for insulin resistance Definition of chauvinism
4 Easter soup recipe keto diet Definition of apartment building
5 Mushroom recipe viking diet Definition of nomophobia
6 A recipe for sex on the beach Diet Dr. Ewa Dąbrowski Definition of xenophobia
7 Rice recipe Nordic diet Definition of ageism
8 Croissants recipe Diet without milk Definition of cosmopolitanism
9 Cabbage soup recipe Maggie’s Diet Definition of fascism
10 Pea soup recipe Carnivorous diet Definition of a prime number
1 Putin memes
2 Memes Kerfuś
3 Memes Polish Lad
4 Memes Cichopek
5 Ordo Iuris memes
6 Memes
7 brush memes
8 Denatured memes
9 Poland-Sweden memes
10 Smigus Dyngus memes

Main photo: Depositphotos.

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