The Motorola Moto G53 gets something that the Moto G52 was missing

Motorola plans to release the successor to the Motorola moto g52 next year. I look at the specification of the moto g53 and think “this could be it – a great mid-shelf smartphone that eliminates the disadvantages of the predecessor”.

Motorola moto g53 specification

Although I tested this year’s mid-range representative from Motorola, the moto g52 model, almost six months ago, I still remember the advantages and disadvantages I pointed out. In the Motorola moto g52 review, I wrote about the attractive design, the microSD slot and headphone jack, which are becoming increasingly rare on every price shelf, and the low weight of the device. And I blamed this Motka for not enough RAM, average cameras and sensitive monsters at work of the overlay. If the pre-release specification motorola moto g53 confirmed, customers get more than they could have expected.

Motorola moto g52 – good mean but not perfect (Katarzyna Pura /

It’s worth noting at this point that this is the global version of the device – motorola moto g53 has already made its debut in China, but it differs from what the rest of the world will receive in the near future. So what can we expect from the ‘reinforced’ midfielder in 2023?

The display remains unchanged compared to the predecessor. So we’ll still be dealing with a 6.6-inch OLED screen with a 90Hz refresh rate and Full HD+ resolution. For comparison: the Chinese Motorola moto g53 can only “boast” with HD resolution (1600×720 pixels).

The RAM will increase from 4 to 6 GB and the SoC will also change. While the moto g52 came to Poland with Snapdragon 680 on board, moto g53 gets a Snapdragon 4 Gen 1 CPU – a unit made using the same lithographic process as the Snapdragon 680, but with a different proportion of cores, their type, clock speed and a more powerful Adreno 619 graphics chip.

I hope that this will make the new phone more efficient than its predecessor and shave off a few extra frames in mobile games. The presence of Snapdragon 4 Gen 1 also means another novelty. motorola moto g53 will offer a 5G module, which will be another advantage over this year’s moto g52, which does not support the fifth generation network.

What else does the new Motorola moto g53 offer?

The user will also have 128 GB of internal memory and four cameras – three on the back and one on the front, with the same parameters as the predecessor. There will be a 50 Mpix main matrix, an 8 Mpix ultra wide-angle camera and a 2 Mpix macro camera. Selfie owners of the moto g53 shoot a 16 MPix camera. This means that the version of the smartphone for the Chinese market is one ultra wide-angle mesh worse than the Global Edition.

motorola moto g53 look smartphone mobile phone
Motorola moto g53 (Source: SnoopyTech)

The battery capacity remains unchanged, so 5000 mAh with fast charge option. Although certain numbers not fixedI don’t think the power should be lower than the Motorola Moto G52 (30W). We also know that the Motorola moto g53 is said to work with the MyUX overlay under the control of the latest Android 13.

If Motorola makes the price moto g53 Regarding the current price of the Moto G52, I believe that we will be dealing with one of the most interesting devices in the category up to 1,500 zł. We’ll find out for sure in the coming months.

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