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The MP asks the House to investigate the MP’s transphobic speech in the plenary session

Photo: Jose Cruz/Agência Brasil

On the platform, during the celebration of International Women’s Day, Nicolas Ferreira (PL) called transgender women. “Men Who Feel Like Women” and charged with theft “space” cis women.

“I am also submitting a request to the Federal Chamber for consideration by the Chamber’s Board of Directors to investigate the alleged ethical breach pursuant to Art. According to Article 9 of the aforementioned Code, it should be noted that if the legality of the application is granted to any citizen, then with more reason, the prosecutor’s office can, especially when performing the functions of a citizen’s rights defender. article 12, LC 75/93), adopt such a measure”.– wrote the prosecutor Luciana Loureiro, from the MPF-DF, in the action.

Chamber of Deputies Speaker Arthur Lira (PP) condemned the biased speech, while MP Tabata Amaral (PSB) announced an impeachment motion.

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