The MP demands the acquittal of the judge who equated the use of the Brazilian flag with electoral propaganda

Bibo Nunes (PL-RS) argues that Ana Lúcia Todeschini Martinez had an extreme partisan position and is therefore ‘unable’ to continue in office

Pablo Valadares/Chamber of DeputiesThe parliamentarian uses the rostrum of the chamber to speak
Bibo Nunes defends the referee’s penalty, stressing that the Brazilian flag represents “a sense of pride”.

O Regional Electoral Court of Rio Grande do Sul (TRE-RS) ruled that the use of the Brazilian flag cannot be considered electoral propaganda. According to the agency, the use of the facility should not be treated as an ideological or party manifestation. The position of the Court comes after the consultation on the subject made by the Brazilian Democratic Movement (MDB), after the judge Ana Lúcia Todeschini Martinez, from the interior of the state, understood that the use of Brazilian flags, this year, would be characterized as an electoral one. campaign, due to the massive use of the article by groups of supporters of the president Jair Bolsonaro (PL). The understanding caused a great echo in the country, especially among the government deputies. Federal deputy Bibo Nunes (PL-RS) advocates that judge Ana Lúcia Todeschini Martinez be penalized for her position. He submitted a representation to the National Council of Justice requesting the dismissal of the magistrate, with the argument that she is “not in the psychological and emotional conditions” to continue exercising her duties.

“How can a judge say that the flag of our country is an instrument of electoral propaganda from August 16. It has no meaning, no foundation. What does this judge think?” asked the parliamentarian, in an interview with Jornal da Manhã, from The News of New Pan, this Saturday, the 16th. Bibo Nunes defends the referee’s penalty, stressing that the Brazilian flag represents “the feeling of pride and love for the country”. “Look at the extreme feeling, the fanaticism of this judge, where she says that the country’s flag will be interpreted as Bolsonaro’s political propaganda. It is our country, our flag. All parties can use. […] From what I have seen, she is a left-wing militant judge. There are groups of leftist judges and she is one of those members. […] For them, the flag should be red, the red of communism. And we patriots said our flag will never be red.”

For the federal deputy, the response – and deadlock – of the Regional Court is not enough to wipe out the magistrate’s position. “She must be punished and exonerated. This is a crime, a judge, judge, minister cannot have a political party position. And what she gave was an extreme partisan stance against her country’s flag. [….] Bolsonaro’s supporters are patriots. What Brazilian should not be proud of his flag? Those who support Bolsonaro are patriots, people who want the good of their country”, he concluded. In TRE, Judge Vanderlei Teresinha Kubiak argued that the flag is one of the symbols of the Federative Republic of Brazil and that there is no restriction in Brazilian legislation on the use of the article during the election period. In addition, she also emphasized that it would not be “feasible” to limit the right of expression through the use of a national symbol due to possible misunderstandings.

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