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The MPF has launched an investigation into deforestation on indigenous lands

Photo: Collection/Funai

The federal public ministry has launched a civil inquiry to investigate the Bolsonaro government’s move to allow deforestation on indigenous lands. The MPF’s decision was made following a representation made by PSOL federal MPs.

Ibama, Eduardo Beam and Funa presidents Marcelo Xavier, who signed the normative directive 12/2022, were given ten days to report on the impacts and detailed studies that would be used to establish the “forest management” of indigenous lands. . The measure was published in the Official Gazette last Friday (16).

According to the rules: “Sustainable community forest management” it can be developed by indigenous organizations or mixed organizations. The text also states that the leadership must conduct “prior consultation” with the indigenous people. However, the measure sets a 30-day deadline for its entry into force. In doing so, it could be revoked by newly elected President Lula.

In the post, Funay noted that the measure “It was the old demand of different ethnic groups.” and claims it will expand opportunity “Creating sustainable incomes in villages” and: “will contribute to the fight against illegal deforestation”.

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