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The MPF is asking for an investigation into Arthur de Val on suspicion of foreign exchange evasion

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Oh Federal Public Ministry He asked the PF to open an investigation to investigate the former MP Arthur de Val (Photo) and coordinator MBL:, Renan dos Santos, for the crime of currency avoidancesays UOL.

The order signed by the Prosecutor General of the Republic Luciana da Costa Pinto was sent on June 20.

Arthur do Val and Renan dos Santos are suspected of tax evasion on money donated by Brazilians to help Ukrainian war victims.

The action was presented PT State Rep. Emidio de Souza. According to the indictment. donation amount could not be transferred Pix for Slovakia without proper registration by the Brazilian authorities of the outflow of funds to another country.

Overall, the collection BRL 180 thousandaccording to the order of MSU.

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