The museum map has been removed from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

One & aogon; Judging by the maps available in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2’s pre-release tests, it was a desert museum. Now – after the premiere of the full version – there is no sign of the seat.

During the beta version, four locations were offered: Farma 18, Mercado Las Almas, Breenbergh Hotel and & lstrok; and & sacute; not the Valderas Museum. The latter already & zdot; it’s not in the game. Activision does not want to comment & cacute ;, why such a decision, which is only pot & eogon fan speculation.

Cz & eogon; & sacute; & cacute; players noted that the location was simply too large for a 6v6 skirmish, so its removal is welcome and a testament to the fact that the capable creators took the preview & aogon; critic & eogon ;. On the other hand, voices are also heard that too much similarity with the real world is to blame.

Spot & eogon; placed in Spain, but project & lstrok; heavily inspired by the Getty Center, a museum in California. Can & lstrok; about was & cacute; can call & lstrok; and & cacute; some controversy. It is worth reminding & cacute ;, that one real card will disappear & eogon; & lstrok; from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 already & zdot; earlier – we are talking about the Grand Prix, modeled on the real route in Singapore.

The latter location, however, is available in full version, although & cacute; under the renamed & aogon; name & aogon; – Crown Raceway. Who knows & cacute; possibly, after appropriate changes, the Museum will return as well. Now there is room for competition & eogon; certainly & sacute; ci & aogon; there is no shortage – the developers have prepared ten & eogon; & cacute; card “6 by 6” at the premiere & eogon ;.

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