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The N10 portal explains the new INSS service rules

From this Monday (July 4) workers, pensioners and retirees who go to INSS agencies (National Social Security Institute) will have new attendance rules. The changes directly affect the opening hours for the public, the type of meeting, the right to a companion, the delivery of documents and the validity of old identity cards.

The changes were revealed in Decree 1027, published last Wednesday (29) in Official Journal of the Union (DOU). The new standards formalize the regulation made in August 2021.

From now on, the branches will have to work 12 hours a day, with opening hours from 6:30 to 10:00. However, the opening hours for the general public should start from 7 am to 8 am, working for six continuous hours daily. The afternoon will be devoted to scheduled medical examinations and other internal consultations.

INSS identification

The order regulated the identification of the outside public to enter the agency. The insured must present an official photo ID. Patients and persons over 60 years old can present the identity card, which must be accepted by the server even with deletion.

The new rule aims to reduce the number of attendants at service stations. Only hearing impaired insured persons will be eligible to enter with a companion. In other situations, it will be up to the server responsible for the service to decide on the presence of one more person at the closing.

INSS documents

Article 24 of the ordinance waives the power of attorney requirement in the simple submission of documents to INSS agencies. However, a power of attorney (or any legal document evidencing representation) will be required if the representative is to express an opinion on the fulfillment of any request.

In administrative justification processes, when the insured presents evidence to witnesses, the agency must provide an exclusive server for the service. When recording the depositions, the employee must inform whether the witness is testifying by administrative or judicial decision.

Planning for INSS

The rule reintroduced prior appointment in nearly all situations for branch service. The insured can schedule the visit at My INSS application or fur phone number 135, receiving a password when you arrive at the branch on the specified day and time. More complex cases or cases that cannot be solved remotely can be scheduled at the 135 center or exceptionally at the branch, in the “specific service” mode.

Specific service will be authorized in the following situations:

  • Impossibility of information or order fulfillment through remote channels;
  • When center 135 cannot fulfill the request and there is an instruction for the operator to send the interested party to an agency;
  • Resources required by companies
  • Request for contestation of Social Security Technical Nexus (NTEP);
  • Citizens’ knowledge about the need to register in the Single Register for Social Programs of the Federal Government (CadÚnico);
  • Reactivation of the Continuous Insurance Benefit (BPC), after updating CadÚnico;

Since the beginning of March, INSS agencies have been serving the public without the need for timetables. In March 2020, face-to-face service was suspended due to the Covid-19 pandemic. At the end of 2020, INSS posts were returned to public service, but with prior appointment.

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