The nameless hero scales the building and saves the boy who fell from the window. VIDEO

Neither a superhero costume nor an athlete’s age, a middle-aged man is surprised to save a child on the edge of a building after falling from a window. Everything was filmed. It’s exciting.

An unnamed resident of the eastern Chinese city of Jiangsu climbed a building with impressive agility to rescue a desperate-looking boy.

The anonymous hero said that the boy only got a few scratches.


In the video, the boy appears on the parapet of the 2nd floor of the building crying, while a man looks on from two floors above.

So, suddenly, a middle-aged man, wearing a gray sweater and black pants, climbs the building, using the pipe as a support, reaching the same level as the child.


Visibly happy, the flesh-and-blood hero picks up the boy, tying a rope around him to help lift him up to the window from which he fell, all to safety.

Once the boy was safely hoisted inside, the man calmly made his way back the way he had come, climbing back up the outer tube of the building.

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Spider-Man or Spider-Man

Created in the 1960s, the character was designed to identify with young people, according to Stan Lee. According to him, he was inspired by watching the spider climb up the wall.

The biography of the hero concerns an orphan scientist who lives with his uncles. At a science fair, he is bitten by a radioactive spider and “gains the agility and commensurate strength of an arachnid”.

So, along with super-strength, human Parker gains the ability to walk over walls and ceilings, and uses his scientific prowess to develop a device that allows him to launch artificial webs.

Also creates a “Spider-Man” costume, becoming a star.

With information from the New York Post and the South China Morning Post

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