The new cooking gas price has just arrived and shocked Brazilians

Brazilians celebrated another great news this week. According to the survey of the National Oil, Natural Gas and Biofuels Agency.ANP:), the price of cooking gas has become cheaper in the republic.

In summary, the prices of the 13-kilogram cylinder are decreasing from the end of 2022, gradually easing the pocket of the Brazilian. Let’s mention in order of comparison kitchen gas In 2022, it was 6.22% more expensive in the country. The cost of cooking gas is 1.00% lower this year, corresponding to a decrease of R$1.05.

Although the retreat is shy, it is better than any growth. By the way, last week, Brazilians took advantage of the drop in prices in the northeast (-0.48%) and southeast (-0.41%). On the other hand, the price of cylinders increased in the North (+0.65%), South (+0.40%) and Central-West (+0.28%).

Adding these variations, the average price of cooking gas in Brazilian regions was:

  • North – BRL 118.66
  • Midwest – BRL 112.90
  • South – BRL 110.07
  • North-east – BRL 106.78
  • Southeast – BRL 104.29

ANC has also revealed this In 15 out of 27 federal units (UF), food gas has become cheaper. last week. The most significant declines were recorded from Maranhão (-2.00%), Sergipe (-1.64%) and Rio Grande do Norte (-1.51%).

On the other hand, prices increased by ten UF, especially in Acre, where cylinders were 5.50% more expensive. The rest of the advance payments did not reach 1.00%. The price in Roraima remained stable compared to the previous week.

The cheapest cooking gas in the country

Last week that Rio de Janeiro continued to sell the cheapest gas in Brazil at an average price of R$95.23. In fact, the location had the lowest price of any week in 2023, with the cost of a 13kg cylinder in the capital city of Rio de Janeiro being 11.5% cheaper than the national average.

See below for locations low prices from a 13 kg cylinder in the country last week.

  • Rio de Janeiro – BRL 95.23
  • Pernambuco – BRL 98.10
  • Espirito Santo – BRL 100.78
  • Alagoas – BRL 101.92
  • Sergipe – BRL 102.01
  • Federal District – BRL 102.04
  • Maranhão – BRL 103.39

On the other hand, the most expensive bottle in the country was roraima (BRL 129.36). It is worth noting that in 2022, Mato Grosso topped the national ranking of the most expensive prices in 2022 for 33 weeks. Then came Rondonia (nine weeks), Roraima (three), Acre (three) and Tocantins (one).

So far, Roraima has had the highest price in the country for each week of 2023. In the Northern Province, the price of a 13-kilogram cylinder was 20.2% higher than the national average.

Check out the FUs below that had higher prices Cooking gas last week.

  • Roraima – BRL 129.36
  • Rondonia – BRL 124.91
  • Amazon – BRL 124.16
  • Mato Grosso – BRL 123.78
  • Santa Catarina – BRL 123.74
  • Tocantins – BRL 121.60
  • Acre – BRL 121.40

Low-income families receive VALE-GÁS

Everyone knows that cooking gas is a very important point in the daily life of Brazilians. However, its value remains high, even with recent declines, precisely because the pullbacks have been so timid.

Therefore, the federal government pays a benefit to lower-income families so that they can more easily purchase a 13-kilogram cylinder. Thus, they will not have to give up their reduced income.

The National Gas Voucher payment is made bi-monthly, that is, every two months. Since the last payment was made in February, the beneficiaries will not receive the benefit in March, but only in April.

In short, the gas voucher is intended to cover 50% of the cost of a 13-kilogram cylinder. However, Constitutional Amendment No. 123 allowed the government to spend more than the BRL 41.2 billion spending ceiling by mid-2022. As a result, aid increased last year from BRL 53 in June to R$110 in August. .

The gas voucher paid in December marked the end of the stimulus provided by Constitutional Amendment No. 123. However, the cost will remain above 100 rials in 2023, thanks to constitutional amendment No. 126, which raised the spending ceiling by 145 billion rials. , and allowed Lula’s government to continue aid this year.

Finally, the gas voucher paid R$110 to beneficiary families in February. This means that the residents of 13 FS were able to buy the cylinder only with the cost of the benefit.

This is very positive, especially since the gas voucher is paid to disadvantaged families and is intended to cover 50% of the cost of a 13 kg cylinder. However, it has been several months since the beneficiaries have benefited from much larger sums.

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