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The new fiscal framework should be released in March, Tebet confirms

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Planning Minister Simon Tebbet (MDB, photo) said today that the country’s new fiscal anchor will be “fair” and based on a balance between government revenue and expenditure. He made the announcement at the Planalto Palace during a ceremony marking the International Women’s Day.

Emedebista also reinforced that the presentation of the new framework should take place later this month, after the economic team presents it to Lula.

“A fair circle emerges, which will be looked at from both sides. Income and expense. […] come to march [a proposta]. But for this agenda, the title and the authority to talk about it is the finance minister [Fernando Haddad]. Later this week we will have another meeting, myself and the finance minister, to see how the final phase and SOF is going. [Secretaria de Orçamento e Finanças] can make all the necessary calculations to submit from there to the Minister of Finance [a proposta] To President Lula, who always has the last word.” said Tebbett.

The new fiscal framework would replace the spending cap currently in place to curb federal spending growth by limiting spending to the previous year’s inflation rate.

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