The new IGI Origins trailer heralds a return to the roots of the series

Antimatter Games – the creators of the Rising Storm series – released another trailer for IGI Origins – the prequel Project IGI series. also thanks to the fans.

RujanśTrailer for Zebruł almost 900,000 views, and the studio thanked &lstrok for so much interest and warm responses from the players. This time we have another dose of game fragments, which mainly represent stealth elements. However, there will be little action. ę płon&atail;cy forest appears and exchange fire with opponents.

Interestingly, the trailer shows a set of completely different locations. It seems that we will travel not only through cold forests, but&zdo;and&zdo;African&nacut; Savannah. The trailer was shot using the pre-alpha version, which will be quite occasionally drastic frame drops.

Let’s remind you, the official game announcement we received in 2019. The premiere was initially planned for 2021, but in the end it was abandoned. In May 2022, the developers announced the transition to Unreal Engine 5, which is certainly a prelużyło of the game production process.

IGI Origins – just like the original – will differ by&egotail; a developed element of stealth. The title will encourage the player to play cautiously because open combat will be very dangerous. The final release date remains unknown for now.

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