The new line of credit will benefit black micro-entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs living in the city of São Paulo who declare themselves brown or black can request: Credit line maximum R$ 21 thousand. Empreenda Afro is available to those with an active CNPJ (National Registry of Legal Entities) and non-officials.

In collaboration with Banco do Povo, the project a Credit line, more precisely, the microloan implemented by the government of São Paulo. As detailed in this Tuesday’s (07th) article in Notícias Concursos, the release of funds is the responsibility of the São Paulo Development Agency, an agency of the Municipal Secretariat for Economic Development and Work.

How to take out a line of credit?

An entrepreneur who is already formalized can request a loan from 200.00 to 21 thousand rials. The interest rates are low, ranging from 0.35% to 0.55%/month, and the payment period is a maximum of 48 months.

The new line of credit will benefit black Canva micro-entrepreneurs in THIS city

Informals manage to hire up to R$ 15 thousand. The interest rate is 0.8%/month, and the payment term is up to 36 months.

Anyone who wants to apply for a loan cannot be turned down, have their CPF next to Serasa or the Federal Public Sector Loan Information Register (Cadin). Also, you cannot have loans at Banco do Povo.

In order to receive the money, it is necessary to complete one of the training courses mentioned by Empreenda Afro. Not to mention that the business will receive a visit as a capability assessment. Moreover, those who meet all the rules just need to fill a form and an informed email. wait for the line of credit to return in the mail.

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