The new pound features the face of King Charles III stamped on the banknotes

The banknotes will enter circulation in mid-2024; there are four models

Reproduction/Website/bankofengland.co.uknotes of King Charles III
King Charles III banknotes will enter circulation in mid-2024

Bank of England released this Monday, 20, the new pound notes with the face of King Charles III stamped. With the death of Queen Elizabeth II in September, many of England’s models began to change and adopt the face of the new monarch. There will be a total of four models: £5, £10, £20 and £50 notes. Although made available today, the notes are not due to go into circulation until 2024. However, even when it is active, the previous ones, which feature the face of the longest-serving monarch at the helm of the British throne, will still remain valid as, according to the Bank of England, new designs are being produced to replace those that are obsolete and to meet any general increase in demand for banknotes. They further emphasize that their approach is in line with Royal Household guidelines to minimize the environmental and financial impact of this change.

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