The new program will help clean and speed up Windows

Microsoft’s new program will allow you to clean your computer of unnecessary files with a few clicks. However, everything is not so rosy.

The modern Windows system, thanks to the fact that it has years of evolution behind it, is practically nothing like the system we knew even 20 years ago. The best example of this is: how Windows manages its registry, disks, and redundant files. In the past, after several years of use, the system not only needed to be “cleaned”, but it was often useful to reinstall it. Now that we live in the age of high-speed SSD drives, no one even remembers that HDD defragmentation was once a common procedure. Therefore, tools that were once indispensable, such as CCleaner or WinDirStat, have lost their relevance today and are no longer so popular. The last nail in the coffin wants to hammer Microsoft itself, which announces the creation of its own Windows cleaning program.

PC Manager – will free up system resources and launch Edge at the same time

According to information received by XDA Developers, Microsoft is working on an update that brings a new tool to the system, namely PC Manager. It will be a program that runs from the system and its role is to monitor and control all the main aspects that can affect the performance of your computer. It will offer a very simple interface so that no one gets confused in using it and will show us things like how many temporary files are on the disk and generally how many files can be safely deleted to free up disk space. In addition, it should also have a tab called “Security” which will check if the latest security patches are installed and if our browser is properly secured.

Of course, “properly secured browser” to Microsoft means something a little different to us, since in this case it seems the only way to be notified of the threat is to … install and use Edge. Naturally, a question arises. if the application itself does not introduce anything new (all functions, for example, deleting temporary files, are already built into Windows, PC Manager simply collects them in one convenient place and provides a transparent interface), and the only one; there is a real news user notification that Edge is not set as the default browser, is this sometimes a promotion of a Microsoft product smuggled in under the guise of security?

Well, it’s hard to say at this point. However, keep in mind that as with many Microsoft applications (such as Your Phone), the beginning may be modest, but further work on the program eventually makes it very useful.


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