The new Toyota C-HR will be a hit. Charge it from the socket

Recently, Toyota has been very active in terms of car launches and their announcements. The new C-HR Prologue could turn out to be a hit – especially since the manufacturer has opted for a hybrid drive that customers love.

The Toyota C-HR needed a refresh that would not change its character

The success of the C-HR cannot be denied. This compact SUV with plenty of cross-over character was destined to become extremely popular right from the start. Large, but at the same time suitable in city traffic, giving the impression of “muscular”, but on the other hand rather subdued.

In addition to all that, the hybrid system popularized by Toyota. It had to work – and it did. The time has finally come for this model – and shortly after the premiere of the new generation Toyota Prius, the manufacturer presents the C-HR Prologue. The new generation is “new” at first glance, but it does not lack its former character. The same studio – European Design Development (ED2) – is responsible for the design of the current and upcoming generations.

What do we know so far about the new Toyota C-HR Prologue?

First of all, we know that the designers have done an excellent job of matching the previous design with the current trends implemented by Toyota. Even the less skilled eye will notice the C-HR Prologue’s resemblance to the all-electric bZ4X. It’s also hard not to say that the new model could share DNA with the latest Prius – and not just in terms of visuals.

Like the compact sedan, the C-HR Prologue will not be an all-electric car. Toyota decided to use a plug-in hybrid system. The manufacturer is obviously trying to extend the lifespan of the hybriduntil he develops efficient technology to produce electricians.

In addition to the hybrid that is charged “from the socket”, a slightly worse version will be available for sale, i.e. the one that recovers energy during regenerative braking.

One of Toyota’s directors for the European market says that the company’s mission was to “go further than ever before”. The manufacturer itself is looking forward to the delivery of the new C-HR.

Toyota C-HR Prologue

When will the C-HR go on sale and how much will it cost?

Unfortunately, in terms of what we know about the new C-HR… there’s still a lot we don’t know. Well, the manufacturer decided to treat us with only a handful of the most important technical items.

Toyota does not reveal details about the release of the new C-HR to the market. We also did not know the prices of this hybrid from the C-SUV category. We do know, however, that the Japanese are apparently trying to stretch the 5 minutes of their hybrids to the limit.

Although all-electric powertrains from Toyota already exist, the manufacturer may have trouble improving them. Recent reports of a range drop of more than 50% on the new bZ4X prove that electrics are not yet Toyota’s priority.

It seems that this is not a big problem for the Japanese. Hybrids have enjoyed great interest so far – and this means that the manufacturer can count on the great success of the new C-HR. After all, it is the next generation of a well-known model, and it is equipped with Toyota’s hybrid drive.

Source: Toyota

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