The new vivo Y11 is coming! This is a refreshed model from 2019

One of the leading Chinese smartphone manufacturers may be preparing to update the model released over 3 years ago. Thanks to the leak, we can check out its spec ahead of the premiere. So what has vivo prepared this time?

vivo follows in the footsteps of OPPO

Last year, the OPPO brand decided to release a new device under the same name as the model released 5 years ago. Talk about A77 5G, which differed from its ancestor in practically everything and still bore the same name, only with the addition of 5G.

Y11 2019 (Producer’s Photo)

So it should come as no surprise that the Vivo brand, owned by the same parent company, is planning a similar move. According to PriceBaba vivo Y11 (2023) will be one of the next budget devices in the manufacturer’s offer, bearing the name of the 2019 model.

vivo Y11 (2023) – what is known about it?

On the occasion of the leak, we learned the expected specification of the upcoming device. vivo Y11 (2023) will offer a MediaTek Helio-series processor, as opposed to the Snapdragon 439 with which it debuted Y11 (2019). Unfortunately, it is not known what specific system will power this smartphone.

The LCD will have a diagonal 6.5 inches and Full HD+ resolution while supporting processor operation 4GB of RAM, which we will virtually expand by another 4 GB. Files can be stored in the built-in memory with a capacity of 128GB.

The battery installed in the device should provide long operation, since its capacity will be less 5000mAh – the same as in the predecessor. Again, to charge the cell, you can use an 18W charger.

vivo Y11 (2023) It will work on the basis of the Android 13 system, and thanks to the 3.5mm audio jack headphone jack, wired music listening will be possible. The housing of the smartphone will be made of polycarbonate, i.e. plastic.

availability and price

It was said that vivo Y11 (2023) it will debut in China later this month and hit the global market in April. It’s also known that it will be available in two- or three-tone versions, although no specifics are known.

It is also a mystery whether this smartphone will come to the Polish market or we will have to give up the taste. Given the expected specification vivo Y11 (2023), This device should be relatively cheap, thanks to which it could perfectly meet the expectations of Poles.

And you, do you want this smartphone in Polish distribution? Let me know in the comments!

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