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The NFL Analyst predicts that the New York Giants will target Jimmy Garoppolo in the trade

The New York Giants still don’t know what quarterback Daniel Jones has. They are ready to put him to the test in 2022 to discover his true potential. With Brian Dabul and Mike Kafka taking charge of offensive play and development, Jones should have a more efficient system to work around.

Management has also spent serious assets improving their offensive line and adding playmakers to the equation. However, one NFL analyst believes the Giants could be involved in the commercial market for a potential veteran quarterback.

NFL Total Access’s David Carr stated that the New York Giants could keep an eye on Jimmy Garoppolo’s commercial:

“I thought at first Brian [Daboll] “He’d move for Mitchell Trubesky when he was available because you don’t necessarily know what you have in Daniel Jones,” Carr said. “Now with Jimmy, I think the issue is his shoulder. Nobody really knows. I think what the teams are going to do is wait until pre-season game one or two – if Jimmy is in San Francisco – and kind of watch. Like, does he look healthy?” And then I think that’s when you might see the Giants move in.”

Getting Garoppolo would be ridiculous for the Giants. It’s in the final year of a five-year deal worth $137.5 million. He’ll count $27 million off the salary cap this season, and given the Giants only have $6 million, the numbers simply don’t add up. Unless he immediately stretches out and trims his hat this season, the Giants won’t make much sense.

Do the New York Giants need an injury liability to their quarterback?

Additionally, Garoppolo has been injury prone for the past few seasons, having played all 16 matches only once in his career. However, Carr believes Garoppolo can win football matches, which is all that matters to teams like the Giants.

“Jimmy J can win some games for someone. He can still play at a high level – he won a lot of games in San Francisco. I think the only issue is his health. If he’s healthy, it’s very likely that the Giants can move on.” .

Last season over 15 games, Jimmy scored 3,810 yards, 20 touchdowns, and 12 interceptions. It recorded a completion rate of 68.3%. While his stats are far more efficient than Jones’s, it’s not a good long-term plan for a team that needs to build around a rookie QB window.

Overall, this rumor should die right where it started. Not only do the Giants not have enough money to acquire Garoppolo in the first place, but giving up the venture capital for an injury-prone player who has failed miserably to win games in the post-season would be misconduct.

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