It’s a beautiful, tender story of love lost and love found that stretches deep across decades. A love so deep   It’s a deep and tender love story that will strike you right to the core. The Notebook follows Noah and Allie through their romance which starts when they’re 16 and 18 years old in North Carolina. Their summer romance is torn apart by their parents and they go their separate ways for 14 years. When they meet again, Allie is engaged to another man. Allie must decide if Noah was always the man she was supposed to be with or if she should go through with the perfect life that’s been laid before her.
It’s a staple romance novel. The Notebook is definitely a must read.

Overview: Follow Noah and Allie’s relationship through all stages of their life. When they first meet as teenagers and have an intense first love, when they meet again 14 years later and 50 years after that, when they’re still fighting for their love.
Published: October 1, 1996
Theme: Southern romance, love triangle, 1940s
Hero: Noah is a hardworking man, who serves in the army and spends his time rebuilding the house he promised Allie they’d one day raise a family in.
Heroine: Allie has a strong spirit with an even stronger curiosity.
The Sex: Sweet and tender. It’s so meaningful and deep.
The Writing: Nicholas Sparks is a master at making you fall in love with his characters. Their pain is your pain and by the end of the book you’ll be in love with Noah and Allie.

Nicholas Sparks wrote the Notebook (book) based on his wife’s grandparents marriage. They had been married for over 60 years and still carried the same love and passion they had at the beginning of their relationship. It’s a rare to see a love that lasts a lifetime that only burns stronger with time.

Even though this book is cheesy at times, it still brings a tear to our eyes and strikes a deep cord within our soul.